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If you are selling information then you want to make it accessible not just on your website. Provide formats that work on smart phones, PCs, tablets and so forth. Record your message in video format, as written documents and as podcasts. When people find they can access your content anywhere, they are more likely to listen.

But what about the times when the search engine is no help at all? Well, in that case you will have to dig a little deeper. The first thing I would do is go ahead and type other things in besides the name like nickname, hobbies, school name, work name, and things like that. This may lead you to the person’s email.

Your goal is to acquire as many email addresses as possible. Online fundraising is a numbers game. And the numbers are small. Open rates of 8%. Click-through rates of 2%. With metrics like these, you need to be reaching as many donors and potential donors as possible with every email appeal.

If that doesn’t work, you may try going to some of the online communities like Yahoo Groups or AOL and do the same thing, typing in all the info above. In this way, you might locate your friend’s profile and this could be a way to contact them.

Facebook Business Page Scraper Use as many creative, compelling, donor-centred ways of persuading your visitors to give you their email address. But don’t simply say, “Enter your email address here to be added to our mailing list.” Instead, offer your visitors something of value that is delivered by email.

This past weekend, I know of no other word but abuse to describe the amount of emails I received from site owners where “sign up” had been required. I spent a good part of the weekend deleting my accounts from both message board communities and also from article directories. The threat of “you won’t be able to submit articles here anymore”, or “you won’t be able to post anymore” actually had me laughing. My articles bring in revenue to the site owners. My posts actually stimulate conversation thus bringing in revenue to the site owner. When I unsubscribe from the site, it is lost revenue to the site owner. With hundreds of article directories and hundreds of message boards on the web, I’d much rather give away my articles and posts to those who respect my email address.

Why does insurance agent email blasting not deliver as hyped up to be? The user of the service (you) failed to apply common knowledge sense of why rarely it could work.

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