Shipping A Car To Canada During The Winter Months

If you are thinking of getting car transport Canada service during the cold winter months, then keep in mind, there will be a lot of disturbance in the industry. A lot of traveling is going on, so you can expect high demand, which will come with increased pricing too.

We have talked about the most key months of the season and the changes happening in them with respect to the demand, so be sure to go through them. By the end of this guide, you’ll find out the best months to ship a car for the best prices. So let’s get started:

Car Shipping Canada During Winter – What to Expect?

Car Shipping in December

This is the time when the demand for auto transport in Canada starts increasing. People move to their family and friends’ houses to spend the holidays, and many snowbirds start sending their vehicles to the warmer regions, mostly elderlies who cannot bear the cold of December.

This is the time when you can expect an increase in car shipping cost, and some delays in vehicle pickup and delivery can also be expected.

Car Shipping in January

  • 1st Week: This is when the number of cars waiting to get shipping to becomes double, or in other words, the industry gets 200% orders compared to the normal capacity. There are many reasons for this, but some of the main ones include the majority of snowbirds heading to warmer states and people returning to their homes after spending holidays with family and friends. Since the demand is insanely high, the cost increases as well.
  • 2nd Week: This is when the demand starts decreasing but not very significantly, you can say it reduces down to 160-170%, so there’s still an influx of orders. You can expect the cost to decrease a little bit but not so much. Since the orders are still more than handling capacity, people work with only the best auto transport Canada companies like Canadian Car Shipping to avoid delays or cancellations.
  • 3rd Week: This is when things start getting back to the normal track and the order flow comes down to the regular 100%. You can expect the prices to reduce as well and the wait times for car pickup and delivery go down too.

Car Shipping in February & March:

This is when the capacity of orders for car transport Canada starts going below 100%, especially in March when the warm weather starts taking the place of winters.

However, states that have less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperature or the areas that are hit by blizzards still pose risks for transporters.

Therefore, to ship a car to these areas, you’d have to work with the top-rated vehicle shipping Canada company and may also pay a bit extra as it’s a risk to go to these places.

When to Expect Low Prices?

If you can wait, we suggest not shipping your vehicle in the extremes of winters and summers. These are when people enjoy holidays and vacations so a lot of moving and traveling is happening, which increases the demand for car transport in Canada, raising the prices as well.

Months from September to November are the best for low prices. The car shipping industry is very slow during the autumn season because people have spent their vacations and are now back to work and college.

Snowbirds are also at their homes so not a lot of moving is going on. You can benefit from this slow time in the industry and get great prices with excellent turnaround times.

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